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That is an excellent question. Most importantly, we genuinely care about the couples we work with. Plus we love weddings! Capturing the full range of emotion at each unique wedding is our obsession. We focus on people because it’s people that make weddings special. That philosophy permeates our entire process, from filming to editing. We believe honesty, in any art form, is always the most powerful approach.

The short answer is sooner is better than later. We limit the number of weddings we film each month/year in order to maintain a high quality level. This means our calendar fills up quickly. It’s always best to secure your date ASAP.

This is an easy one… be present and in the moment. This is a big day for you so take it all in and feel every emotion deeply. Concentrate on each other and take several moments to pause and reflect. It’s going to go by very fast so don’t sweat the small stuff. If it rains, dance in the rain, it’s fun! Be yourselves and enjoy one of the best days of your lives.

Oh, there is one other thing. We highly recommend asking your guests to refrain from using their cell phones during the ceremony. They are excited for you and want to snap photos but you are spending a lot of money to have professionals document your wedding. Filming & photographing a wedding ceremony is not easy and you only get one chance to get it right. It always breaks our hearts when a groom can’t watch his bride walk down the aisle because 20 guests are fighting for position with their cell phones. Not to mention, it might cause us to miss that beautiful moment.

Asking your guests to leave their phones untouched during the ceremony not only gives your professionals better working conditions, it also allows them to be present in the moment with you rather than worrying about who is going to get the first photo up on Instagram. Win-Win!

Our packages begin at $5200. For more details head over to our contact page and tell us about yourselves and your wedding. We will be happy to send you some info.

We love to include drone footage but it’s important to know flying the drone is dependent on weather conditions, the schedule and location. There are certain “No Fly Zones” that we can’t fly in because GPS literally won’t let the drone take off. We do everything we can to get you that juicy drone footage though.

We hear you! We are not big fans of being in front of the camera, which is probably why we make it a priority to be as invisible as possible when we film. The last thing we want is to make you or your guests uncomfortable. You won’t even know we are there and we will never make you perform or do anything cheesy.

Oh dear lord no. Not even close. We would never be able to provide the high quality film you deserve with only a few hours to slap something together. Our editing process is extremely thoughtful, deliberate and obsessive. Have we mentioned our obsession with your film yet? Let’s put it this way, it’s typical for us to spend 20+ hours just to choose the perfect music for a film.

Every aspect of your film… shooting, editing, audio, color, every single thing is done by us, Kent & Darlene. Ohana Films is the just the two of us because we are too obsessive about our films to leave the work up to anyone else.

“Neat, what celebrities?”
We will never tell!

You bet. As much as we love sharing our work, it’s your wedding and it’s your right to keep it private.

Yep! You can see some samples of our non-wedding work right here.

Officially, we have one rescue pit bull named Nana and three rescue cats, Daisy Mae, Pumpkin and Will Feral. Currently there are another eight outdoor cats we take care of. When possible, we find homes for any feral cat we can catch and tame. At the very least we get the feral cats fixed and brought back to their territory. What can we say, we love animals and try to do what we can to keep the feral population under control in our neighborhood. We are sensitive artists, what do you expect?

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