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Kent Rayhill Videographer Maui Hawaii

Eventually this obnoxious boy with the slime and stupid T-shirt will meet that sweet girl who throws birthday parties for her cat. They will fall in love, move to Hawaii, get married and start making films together.

We are obsessed with capturing authenticity. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding film or a marketing video, we believe authenticity is the most compelling way to tell a story. This is why we favor a documentary style of filmmaking. This is also why we have found such a happy home in wedding filmmaking. We love weddings and are honored to document such an important moment in someone’s life. 

If all of this sounds good, send us a message, we want to know more about how we can make an amazing film for you.

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Kent Maui Destination Wedding Cinematographer Videographer


I’m originally from Chicago, where I ate nothing but meat and cheese. Now I’m vegetarian living on Maui. It happens. I’ve been making movies since the age of seven when my dad bought a Super-8 movie camera. This amateur movie-making sent me on a path to film school and eventually a career in video and digital media. All these years later, filmmaking is still as inspiring and exciting as it was when I first held that home movie camera.

For the record, I would still make the giant booger joke if you handed me some slime.

Darlene Rayhill Maui Destination Wedding Cinematographer Videographer


I am from the opposite of a tropical oasis known as Cleveland, OH and have been obsessed with two things since I was a child: making art and caring for animals. Back then it was drawing, painting and taking care of Tara, Whiskers, Cybil and Ada. Today it is filming, editing and taking care of Dolly, Pumpkin, Buddy, Will Feral, countless neighborhood cats and, last but not least, my sweet husband Kent.

Oh, one more thing…I’m also one of the founders Good Cat Network, where we rescue, socialize and find homes for stray community cats.

For the record, I still throw birthday parties for cats.


But wait, “How do you make your own wedding video?” you ask. With the help of friends. We had some pals shoot the wedding and then we edited the footage. It sure was an odd experience to edit our own wedding but we are so thankful to have this wedding video! Everyone will tell you (and it’s true) the day goes by SO FAST! We would be super bummed if we didn’t have this film to help us relive that incredible day.


We also made a fake wedding video for ourselves, so turn on your modem, log onto AOL and press play.

Ohana Films Maui Hawaii Wedding Videography